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By DEER & DOE, Narcisse Pants is a paper sewing pattern.

Garment Details: High-waisted wide-leg pants. Decorative side stripes, inseam front pockets, and single-welt pockets in the back.

    Sizing: This is a multi-size pattern, including sizes 34 to 46. Sizes 48, 50 and 52 are only available in PDF format please shop direct with Deer and Doe Patrons de couture. Sizing guide can be found here.

    VERSION A - Camille's measurements: 5'8" - 34½"/26"/39⅜"

    VERSION B - Elodie's measurements: 5'3" - 44⅛"/38⅝"/48⅜"

    Fabric Suggestions: Lightweight twill, denim, chambray, linen. Lining: lightweight cotton. Allow extra fabric to match stripes or plaids.

    Fabric used for pant Version A (Camille): Pinstripe Linen.

    Fabric used for pants Version B (Elodie): Chambray.

    Fabric requirements: 150cm fabric width: 2.3 metres or 115cm fabric width: 3 metres. Lining 25cm.

    Trims required: 50cm fusible interfacing, one 15mm button, two 12mm buttons and a sturdy 15cm zipper.

    Skill Level: The pattern is placed at a Level 4 out of 5, on the Deer & Doe pattern skill scale, which means you should be confident using all types of fabrics and sewing a broad range of different garment types. 

    The paper pattern comes packaged in an envelope together with a step-by-step assembly instruction in English and French.

    Photo credits: Deer & Doe Patterns (Will and Joan).