STRETCH DENIM • 8oz • Blush Pink $30.00/metre

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By Lady McElroy, Stretch Denim - Deegan $30.00 per metre

1 Quantity = 0.25m = $7.50


98% Cotton 2% Spandex

This is a medium weight denim ideally suited for jeans, jackets, shorts, dungarees, pinafores and much more.

Suitable pattens: Stacker Jacket, Strata Pants, Falda Jacket, Ginger Jeans, The Whittaker, just to name a few. 

148cm wide

8oz / 270 g/m2

Stretch percentage is approximately 10% crossgrain

Matching Gütermann rPET thread: Col 473 

How to wash denim:The washing machine can be a cramped space for stiff raw denim fabric like this. Creasing marks and white folds are common damages on denim from a spin in the drum.

Our best advise to avoid creasing marks and white folds is actually to NOT wash denim in the washing machine, but to wash only by soaking it in water for 30 minutes with a mild detergent and then rinse 2-3 times before hanging it to dry (don't wring it).

If you decide to wash denim in the washing machine:

  • Cutting the fabric into smaller pieces before washing it, will help prevent creasing marks and white folds.
  • Sink the fabric into water and allow it to soak, so it's wet when you put it in your machine.
  • Choose a setting with very low or no spin cycle.
  • Don't leave it in the machine when done, but take it out right away and hang to dry. Do not wring it and do not tumble dry.
  • If creasing marks appear; ironing when the fabric is still damp will help.

Manufactured:  certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX.  

We try our best to give an accurate representation of our fabrics, however due to varying monitor settings the colours may differ slightly to the original fabric. If you want to be sure about the colour, weight or size of a design please order a sample.

Our fabric is sold per 25cm (¼ metre). If you would like to purchase one metre of fabric please enter 4 units. When purchasing multiple units, the fabric will be cut continuously.

Photo credits: Lady McElroy

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Truloff
Lovely pink denim

Item was just as described, has good amount of stretch and is a high quality lovely fabric that I am looking forward to making my next denim creation with!