Hi, I'm Amaya founder of Pattern Scissors Frock. 

Fabric enthusiast, home sewer, passionate about nature, yoga, colour and coffee.

My sewing journey was inspired by my mum, a woman who can draft patterns and sew absolutely anything - from wedding dresses to up-cycling clothing way before this became a trend.

When I started sewing clothing for my daughter and after the discovery of independent pattern companies - I slowly came to realise that I loved the act of sewing just as much as the finished product. Sewing made me feel good. 

This business was founded out of a desire for a flexible and creative working environment, the love of sewing and it's community.

Welcome to Pattern Scissors Frock, an independent fabric shop, a place where we believe that sewing your own clothes is a conscious choice. We value thoughtful consumption, sustainable and natural fibres, slow living, timeless and long lasting clothing that makes you feel great. We share the value of and appreciate the time and skill invested into each garment that you create.