Organic Cotton Knits

Organic Cotton Knits

Organic cotton KNIT COLLECTIONS by mind the MAKER 

Knitted fabrics are produced in Turkey and Portugal.

The production facilities operate by high environmental and organizational standards according to European laws and regulations for wastewater treatment, energy-saving and working conditions for employees.

 mind the Maker have a high focus on sustainability and all fabrics are certified according to Oeko-tex 100 standard. Furthermore, organic cotton is used for the cotton collections. 

ORGANIC SINGLE JERSEY • Lilac $40.00/metre
ORGANIC SINGLE JERSEY • Khaki $40.00/metre
ORGANIC SINGLE JERSEY • Chalky Green $40.00/metre
ORGANIC SINGLE JERSEY • Faded Blue  $40.00/metre
ORGANIC RIBBING • Faded Blue  $36.00/metre
ORGANIC RIBBING • Chalky Green  $45.00/metre
ORGANIC RIBBING • Lilac $36.00/metre
ORGANIC RIBBING • Khaki  $36.00/metre
ORGANIC RIBBING • Red  $36.00/metre
ORGANIC RIBBING • Creamy White  $36.00/metre
ORGANIC RIBBING • Sage Green  $36.00/metre
ORGANIC RIBBING • Ocean  $36.00/metre
ORGANIC RIBBING • Black   $45.00/metre
ORGANIC RIBBING • Sienna $36.00/metre
ORGANIC RIBBING • Dune  $36.00/metre