BCI Initiative Statement 

McElroy Fabrics and Lady McElroy is committed to going greener with its choice of cotton fabrics i.e. the BCI scheme (Better Cotton Initiative). The Better Cotton Initiative is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable cotton production, covering all three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social and economic. 

The Better Cotton Principles and Criteria lay out the global definition of Better Cotton, by upholding the following seven principles: 

  • BCI Farmers minimise the harmful impact of crop protection practices 
  • BCI Farmers promote water stewardship 
  • BCI Farmers care for the health of the soil 
  • BCI Farmers enhance biodiversity and use land responsibly 
  • BCI Farmers care for and preserve fibre quality 
  • BCI Farmers promote decent work 
  • BCI Farmers operate an effective management system 

McElroy Fabrics and Lady McElroy care for the welfare of people and cultural diversity, along with responsible conditions which help to protect our planet. 

McElroy Fabrics and Lady McElroy are also committed suppliers of fabrics which hold Oeko-Tex certification. More information about this can be found at